Traditional Crafts with a Contemporary Twist

Welcome to Shunklies,

Shunklies has grown over the last 14 years from my passion for textile art and mixed media, involving different aspects of fibre manipulation and fabric production (by hand).
This encompasses fibre preparations, dyeing, spinning, weaving and felting. After those procedures I may go onto sewing my own garments, or offering my hand crafted supplies for sale.

Working with silks, cellulose and synthetic fibres but mostly wool, Britain has the biggest and oldest variety of sheep breeds in the world, with Yorkshire being the heart of the British wool industry. I work 'From fleece to fabric' doing all my own dyeing, carding, handspinning, felting and weaving.
I work with dozens of different breeds in an amazing array of natural colours. Working with natural materials gives a wonderful base palette that is always changing with the seasons.Living in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside just on the edge of the Penines give me much inspiration.

Shunklies has grown from a hobby to becoming a full-time business, selling online as well as marketplaces and fairs. People are always fascinated to see the spinning wheels and weaving looms.
I am much more comfortable working at my weaving loom than in the spotlight but I have written articles for various fibre-art magazines and hope to work more on my blog and start offering tutorials. I ran workshops when I was with Yorkshire Artspace and intend to start again once I am settled in my new studio at SOAR Works.

I studied business at college and systems modelling at university as a mature student as well as working for world renown goldsmiths and wool works for many years. I have also trained in glass, ceramics and textiles. 

Using social media is a brilliant way to connect and I use Instagram daily to connect with my followers and keep up to date with my work and exhibitions, you can find me on Facebook, instagram and Twitter as #shunklies

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